Capturing the Spirit

A Personal Vision by Fatima NeJame

Fatima NeJame holds a bachelor of arts in mathematics from Notre Dame College in Manchester, New Hampshire and a master of arts in mathematics from Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania, where she taught mathematics and computer programming. Fatima received her degree in education from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, and taught math at Lake Worth High School, Boca Raton High School and was an adjunct member of the Palm Beach Community College faculty, where she taught color printing. In 1987, Fatima and her husband Arthur NeJame co-founded the Palm Beach Photographic Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching life through the arts of photography and digital imaging. A native of Peru, she is an accomplished artist with many awards for her color photography, and is a contributor to the Focal Encyclopedia of Photography on the subject of color photography and printing. An expert in digital imaging, she has been working with computers since 1969 and has taught digital camera technology and Photoshop® since 1992. Fatima has been photographing exclusively with digital cameras for many years, and is a highly qualified instructor who lectures nationwide on digital photography. 

"I started taking pictures of my family with a Kodak brownie camera when I was growing up. When Art and I started going out together, we realized that we shared the same passion for picture taking. In 1977 we bought our first REAL CAMERA, a 35mm camera with interchangeble lenses, and signed up for our first photography class trogether. Little did we know how much this would change our lifes. Photography taught me to see the world around me, to appreciate my surroundings and observe how light affects everything. Soon our vacations revolved around picture taking, and I realized how much I enjoyed capturing the spirit of the places we visited. The camera brings down the wall that keeps you from talking to strangers, and makes it easy to approach people of all ages. Even when they speak a different language, with smiles and gestures everyone becomes approachable, enriching your experience of the place."







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